Launched in 2016, KeepDance.com  is the international community for all instructors, presenters and students who love dance-fitness classes, regardless of their name: Zumba, Salsation, Refit, etc. Instructors and presenters around the world share their experience, knowledge, ideas and choreographies, so that together we become better and happier.  


Because on KeepDance.com you find only categorized dance fitness choreographies (salsa, merengue, reggaeton, warm up, cool down, etc.). No publicity clips or other types of clips are accepted.
Choreographies posted on the most important platforms in the world: youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. are centralized and categorized on KeepDance.com. Yes, you heard well, even facebook clips can be uploaded to KeepDance.com
All the choreographies from all the platforms are in one place. Choreographies are evaluated based on quality, categorized, and very easy to find.
Choreographies are evaluated by users. If you are looking to find inspiration or the newest and most appreciated choreographies, it is now very easy to do so.
If you want to share your choreographies with other instructors, you will find here maximum visibility and your work will be appreciated regardless of where you have uploaded your clips (youtube, vimeo or facebook)

Do I have to upload my clips to KeepDance.com?

No. Your choreographies can be uploaded to any platform:  youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. To post a clip on your KeepDance account you only have to copy the clip’s link and it will be instantly imported. You don’t have to wait for it to load. This way, all your choreographies will be visible, all in one place, regardless of where you have uploaded them.

How does KeepDance affect my youtube views?

Your youtube views will increase. KeepDance.com views also count towards youtube and this is an extra reason for you to be active on KeepDance.com

How does KeepDance affect my youtube income?

Your income from views/ads on youtube will not suffer. They might even increase taking into account the increase in views.

Tops and Rakings

We wish to please and reward instructors and presenters who are active on keepdance.com because they share their work with others. We know that some instructors/presenters put in sustained efforts to help and inspire others, which is why they deserve our thanks. For this, KeepDance ranks the most active and appreciate channels, choreographies, clips, etc. the rankings are generally based on ratings given by registered users.

Weekly Rakings

HOT 20 clips” is a weekly top of the most appreciated choreographies for the previous week. The top is based on user evaluation of the clips. In order to enter this ranking, a clip must have at least 10* evaluations for the previous week.

BEST 20 channels” is a rating of the most active and appreciated channels. The top is based on KEEP DANCE RATING PTS. The KD RATING PTS score is calculated based on a mathematical formula in which the most important parameter is the rating that users give to clips posted by a channel. The number of clips posted in the last 12 months and the total number of views for the respective channel also count, as well as the number and relevance of votes that a channel gives to other clips.

Monthly Rakings

“Presenter of the month” comming soon.
“Choreography of the month” comming soon.


Several excellence levels will also be available to reward the instructors’ hard work, commitment and talent. Based on the activity on KeepDance.com and user appreciation, a channel/profile may evolve as follows:

  1. General channel (first level)

  2. Instructor (level 2)

  3. Presenter (level 3)

  4. Elite Presenter (level 4)

  5. Keep Dance Master Presenter (level 5)

At the moment, only the first level is available. The other levels will be available soon. The terms and conditions for these levels will be presented when they are launched.

Keep Dance Fitness Awards - KDFA

Keep Dance Fitness Awards take place at the end of each year. Within the Keep Dance Fitness Awards, awards for the following categories are given:

  • Best Merengue, Best Reggaeton, Best Dance Hall, etc.

  • Presenter of the year

  • Choreography of the year

  • Video of the year (best video – choreography, image quality, script)


KeepDance.com periodically organizes contests with prizes in money or other benefits and advantages. The contests, together with the terms and conditions will be posted on the website.


*the minimum number of appreciations mandatory for a clip to enter the top HOT 20 may suffer modifications.

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