Keep Dance rating PTS

It is a score obtained by each channel depending on its activity during the last 12 months.
The following factors make up this rating:
- the evaluations that the users give to the latest 12 choreographies posted (the most important). A choreography must have a minimum of n* votes
- the number of choreographies posted in the last 12 months (each channel gets 50 pts for each posted choreography, but no more than 600 pts)
- each channel gets 100 pts for each choreography that has a minimum of n* votes (but no more than 1200 pts)
- for every 2000 views/channel, 1 pt is awarded.

The KD rating PTS is made of quality and quantity factors. The quality factors are by far the most important.

HOT 20 choreo

It is a weekly top of the best choreographies. This ranking is done based on the rating/evaluations given by the keepdance.com registered users. To enter this top, a choreography must have a minimum of N** votes that week.

A presenter/channel may have maximum one choreography in HOT 20 in the same week.

A choreography may stay in HOT 20 for more than one week, on the condition that it obtains a minimum of N* votes every week.

*n=4, **N=7

For a better relevance, Keep Dance may modify these values in time.

Choreography of the month (soon)

KeepDance displays the choreography of the month in the blogging section, based on the user rating/evaluations. At the start of each month, the previous choreography of the month is displayed.

Presenter of the month (soon)

KeepDance displays the presenter of the month in the blogging section based on:
- KD rating PTS
- the number of "HOT 20" choreographies during the last month (+ 100 pts for each choreography)
- the number of No.1 "HOT 20" choreographies in the last month (+ 500 pts for each choreography)

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